Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day England

Boxing Day has been a strictly English holiday dating back to the Middle Ages when the lower class received hand-outs from their feudal overlords. In early capitalist times the box was clay pot containing the year’s tips for the underclasses from their betters and on December 26 the year’s bonus would be doled out to the workers, however whenever I ask Brits about Boxing Day’s origins they state it’s the day after Christmas on which nothing is open. This is a fact, for I traveled from Portsmouth to London on Boxing Day 1985. The single 2nd Class train car was shared by me and five National Front lager louts. The ride had all the making of a combination of the zombie film 28 DAYS LATER and the Jam’s hit DOWN IN THE TUBE AT MIDNIGHT. I opened my Opinal knife with care. The edge was sharp and I weighed out the factors. Desolation. Rain. Drunks. Violence. I first felt a fist, and then a kick I could now smell their breath They smelt of pubs and wormwood scrubs And too many right wing meetings My life swam around me It took a look and drowned me in its own existence The smell of brown leather It blended in with the weather It filled my eyes, ears, nose and mouth It blocked all my senses Couldnt see, hear, speak any longer And Im down in the tube station at midnight I said I was down in the tube station at midnight – THE JAM Luckily the skinheads departed after the second stop up the line and I closed my knife. It's a good thing to be a lucky man.

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