Friday, June 28, 2013

Pablo Picasso Was Never An Asshole

Pablo Picasso’s career spanned decades, highlighted by GUERNICA depicting the fascist bombing of the Basque city.

I saw the anti-war painting once.

Maybe at the Modern Art Museum in New York.

His ‘blue’ period painting were easier to hang on a wall than his Goya knock-off, but I'd love an Picasso, for the only piece of art in my possession was a dubious drawing of Jean-Michel Basquiat, but I do have Jonathan Richman’s PABLO PICASSO on CD.

“Pablo Picasso was never an asshole.”

In 2011 ninety-nine paintings and prints went on view at Larry Gagosian gallery. The queue numbered in the hundreds. The sidewalk was slick with a cold rain. I walked up to the front door. The guest list madame asked for my name.

“James Steele. Dublin. I’m not on the list. I never am.”

She regarded my attire.

A ten year-old Calvin Klein suit and a shirt tailored in Bangkok with an English tie.

“Let him in.” She motioned to the security guard.


I entered the art hangar. People greeted each other with old embraces. I spotted LR. She saves paintings. Her brother Danny was a fisherman and we had once shared a girlfriend.

“What do you think about the paintings?” the art restorer asked looking over my shoulder at the entrance. She was expecting friends.

“Haven’t seen any yet.” I knew nothing about this exhibit, having been invited by the lustrous Adrian Dannett, interlocutor extraordinaire to the Ignorattti.

“These predate his death in 1973.” She pointed to the paintings on the wall. The style was recognizably Picasso, almost as if he had devoted the last years of his life to huffing glue.

"Nice." I wandered around the gallery without finding a single painting to hang on the walls of my Fort Green Observatory. A few of the drawings were acceptable, but I’m happier with my little Basquiat drawing, which he had done a month before his death.


I love it, then again Jean-Michel was never an asshole either.

To hear PABLO PICASSO WAS NOT AN ASSHOLE, please go to the following URL

I’ll never understand why this song never hit it big on the Christian radio stations.

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