Thursday, November 6, 2014

More Of The Same No Change

Wednesday morning America woke to a political landscape dominated by the victories of the GOP. The Democratic majority in the Senate was lost with wins throughout the middle of America. The House of Representatives swelled with Tea Party congressmen. The media blamed Obama for the disaster, however despite the flipflop of seats Congress remains locked in a thrall of bipartisan death grip unable to overcome the power of Obama's veto

More threatening to progressive Americans is that 2/3rds of the state governments are controlled by the GOP.

Blue States stand apart from the red.

I was most disappointed by the Great State of Maine re-electing Paul Le Page as governor. He had insulted Portland journalist Mike Nemitz by saying that my family friend should be put on suicide watch, if he got a second term.

Maine is 98% white.

Men voted for the fat fuck.

Women voted with their husbands.

They will get what they deserve.

Massachusetts and New Hampshire rejected the clarion call of the right and in the words of the immortal Pascha Ray, "Fuck those fat white cocksuckers."

Fat men love fat politicians.

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