Sunday, November 30, 2014

No Black Friday For Ken

Once a year on Black Friday American consumerism outgrosses the year's gluttonous excesses, as shoppers descend on the XXXL malls to buy corporate crap at discounted prices. The hoi polloi in the millions fight over wide screen TVs, iPhones, and Barbie dolls.

Having never participated in the capitalist frenzy, I left the Fort Greene Observatory on Friday and headed down to the nearest 99 Cent store on Myrtle Avenue only to discover that the management had opted out of the post-Thanksgiving Day tradition.

"Nothing is on sale." The clerk waved me away from the counter.



I accepted my defeat and exited from the store with a 99 Cent roll go toilet paper.

No one on Myrtle was carrying a shopping bag, except for a frazzled mother. Her daughter had an iPhone. She was happy, but I had to ask myself, "Why doesn't anyone fight over Ken dolls?

The answer is that it's a Barbie World.

She rocks.

Naked or not

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