Sunday, September 13, 2015

I Blew The Shofar

Last September I was out on Montauk with Richie Boy. We worked around his cottage in the morning and hit Ditch Plains at noon. The waves were ankle-high, but the surfers were discussing the upcoming swell on Wednesday.

"There's a hurricane out there."

"Biggest waves of the season."

"I'm taking off the day. I think it's Rosh Hashanah."

Nobody argued with his choice and this morning I woke up thinking that today was the High Holy Day of Awe.

"No, it's next Wednesday," my landlord AP told me.

"I blew it."

"Better than blowing the chauffeur."

I made a mistake, but what can you expect from a goy?

ps the ocean was flat last weekend, but lovely all the same.

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