Sunday, February 15, 2015

James Benning & Peter Hutton @ Miguel Abreau Gallery

Miguel Abreau Gallery has been presenting the long videos of James Benning & Peter Hutton at their 88 Orchard Street location. I loved Benning's observations of a lonely highway in California's Central Valley. Miguel explained that the artist stood on the side of the road and filmed the passing moments.

"One man?"

"He believes in a small crew."

And his eye tells a story without words that is almost legible to the blind by the wind of the passing cars.

Sand, highway, fog, sun, cars.

Eternal America.

Hutton’s At Sea and Three Landscapes and Benning’s Tulare Road all be available for viewing until March 5.

ps I loved Hutton's At Sea.

Miguel Abreau Gallery 88 Orchard Street 4th Floor or Maybe the 5th. 212-995-1774 To See a bit of ROAD TO TULARE please go to this URL

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