Friday, July 3, 2015

Alive For Ever

Last year I was in London. A friend invited me to lunch at the Worseley, a well-heeled Mayfair eaterie. My friend was late. He dealt in expensive paintings by dead people. I ordered a draft beer in the bar and watched the people entering for lunch. A tall well-dressed older man was greeted by the maitre'd with utmost deference and with good reason. The gaunt guest was the actor Christopher Lee. Everyone's eyes followed the famed Pop portrayer of Dracula to his table.

Dignified, as would be expected for the game master.

Sadly Christopher Lee passed from this life in early June, however judging from the pair of men bracketing the painter, Tristam, Mssr. Lee had many imitators.

But only one living legend of Dracula.

Dead in life or alive on the screen.

Christopher Lee.

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