Thursday, January 21, 2016

Giselle 69

This weekend Tom Brady will play his 17th Game versus the Denver Broncos.

The AFC Championship will be an away game for the Patriots.

#12 is 2-6 at Sports Authority Field at Mile High and many other teams have trouble with the Broncos and the main reason is the altitude.

None of the other teams in the NFL play so high.

Rodney Harrison said in the Boston Herald, “I remember Junior Seau, one of the best-conditioned athletes you’ll ever see, and after two or three plays chasing Terrell Davis down, he’s out there breathing hard."

I once shoot B-Ball in Lhasa against the Chinese Army. I had two Tibetans for the 3-3. Within a minute the Chinese and me were sucking for oxygen in the thin air. The Tibetans told me to just feed them the ball. No D. We ran the court the entire day and I wasn't even wheezing.

Not the same for the Patriots, who will arrive in Denver on Friday to allow the team a spell of acclimatization, but while the 2000 199th Draftee might be 2-6 against the Broncos, Tom is 11-5 against Peyton Manning and I like that number just right.

I shall be in the Chinatown at the 169, if Johnny is at the bar.

19 feet above sea level.

And I'll be wearing my GISELLE 69 shirt.

Go #12.

May the numbers be with you.

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