Sunday, August 14, 2016

7 Million and Counting

Charles Manson has been incarcerated in the California penal system since 1969 for the murders at the Sharon Tate home along with several other mass murder punctuating the end of the Summer of Love. The ex-convict was never proved to have shot any of the victims, yet the LA DA was able to convince a jury that this guitar-playing drifter was the mastermind behind these dual diabolical slayings. His friends had most certainly killed their victims, however Charles Manson appeared to have been a convenient scapegoat for the Tex Watson murder crew.


Experts of linking A to B.

Charles Manson has never admitted his guilt along with millions of other Americans who have been prosecuted by a vigilant criminal system intent on jailing a good 5% of the population in order to compete with Russia as the # 1 nation for punishing its populace with jail time and even worse rural communities in America have expanded their role as penal colonies.

More prison.

Less schools.

Bust reefer smokers.

Throw meth heads into purgatory.

That is the new industry of America thanks to the law and order motherfuckers.

Dying towns in the hinterland are begging for prisons.

Close a New Hampshire paper mill. 220 jobs gone. Open a prison. Plus another 330 jobs.

Crime pays the state.

Dunkin' Donuts loves jail.

Nothing says cop better than the smell of a honey-dipped donut on a cop.

Book em Dano.

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