Monday, November 10, 2014

Poop Pop Art

Last week I found this small painting on South Oxford Street near the fort Greene Observatory. My landlord made a face upon seeing 'Poop' and I said, "I have a plan."

I've always loved the sublime nihilism of Duchamp's toilet seat and Piero Manzoni's 'Shit in a Can', but felt both works were missing 'je ne sues quoi' until I found 'Poop'.

My landlord's seven year-old son thought the painting was great as would any normal seven year-old boy.

Nothing gets to them better than poop jokes.

"Don't tell your mother about the painting."

"I won't," James was a good kid and went back downstairs to his room.

I shut the door, because 'Poop' needed one last touch and that was a little poop to add pop to the piece.

I sat on my porcelain throne and cranked out a dollop of # 2 brown and plucked the 'ile flottant' from the toiler with thongs.



Poop Pop.

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