Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Welcome To Ulster 2014

Three nights ago I exited from the subway into the XXXL Mall at Atlantic Terminal. Scores of uniformed police were scattered about the shopping center. Outside on the street even more cops slunk in groups. At first I thought they were protecting the mall from any protests against years of endemic police brutality against people of color and the lower classes, however I overheard someone say, "Jay Z is hosting Prince William of England and his wife to a Nets game."

The Royals in Brooklyn.

The helicopters overhead and flatfooted men in blue were protecting the Second In Line to the Throne. Cops regarded everyone as a potential terrorist. Scorn swan in their eyes. Last week a Staten Island grand jury deemed the police innocent of murdering Eric Garner. They could kill anyone; white, black, latino, young, and old without consequence and I realized that we are living in the New Ulster.

The rich can do anything.

The poor pay with their lives.

And the cops are paid to serve and protect on class against the rest.

I hope it never comes to this.

New Ulster 2014.

No justice.

No peace.

ps the Nets suck. Go Celtics.

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