Thursday, January 8, 2015

Getting The Fat White Men Hot

Yesterday I entered into a hissy spat fight with a right-winger on about the benefits of Obamacare. Personally I think the only future solution is Universal Health Care, but people in the USA are still frightened by the spectra of socialism and a cracker from Georgia responded to the article with the following post

you gonna do now that you and your libtarded pals have been tossed out of any possibility of controlling the government now... hmmmmmm?

I thought about it for a few seconds and said to myself, I'll tell you what and wrote the following; Vince Edmonds you'e right. Liberals suck, but the good thing is that many of us have become progressives. Legalize weed, demilitarize the police, bring the troops home, create a universal health care system, speed up the game of baseball and football by banning slo-mo replays, ban fast food, arrest every executive of Big Tobacco on the charges of murder ( 400,000 a year ), arrest every CEO of Big Pharma for selling oxys, and forced fat GOP supporters to eat vegetables and walk uphill to their jobs and uphill to their luxury condos. Roll back property tax rates in the cities and penalize the rich a July 4th beer tax, so all Americans can celebrate Independence Day with free brews of their choice. Vince, get ready to meet Brussels sprouts with bacon and apple syrup.

I do hate liberals for their lack of belief in a progressive position.

Vince was no slouch and he retorted with a swift riposte; "and the conservatives have now put you and your libtarded pals out of a job and out of any control of the government... begone scumbag."

I thought he might have had a senior cerebral reflux seizure and cautioned him with deference to his age.

"Vince Edmonds gee didn't you say that before. Are you in re-set mode or cerebral stutterings?"

He came back to life with this offering; "lol... narrow minded as opposed to your socialist/communist/Marxist agenda that has been a proven failure time and time again? Gosh... we will make it work this time! the tenth time is a charm! lol. moron"

I was getting a little bored with our dialogue and wrote, "Vince Edmonds bacon brussels sprout with maple syrup a failure. You really are a L7 ad infinitum. ps that's dead language for forever. The Commie from Mars will invade our borders to save the USA from the threat of the GOPs return to the 1930s. ps there are no funny GOPers other than watching fat white men trying to put on sox." Vince has been indoctrinated by Fox News and replied, "It's quite simple... refuse to follow any of the socialist/communist/Marxist agenda that the libtards try to force down peoples throats."

"Vince Edmonds I loved the DEEPTHROAT reference. We love sponging down the fullers of Georgia crackers."

"amazing how you libtarded morons can't stand the possibility that WE THE PEOPLE DON'T NEED YOU TO SUCCEED!!!! I built my company with ZERO help from you. I prosper on my own gain with zero help from you. I REFUSE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE RAPE OF THE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS KNOW AS THE (laughably titled) AFFORDABLE CARE ACT.... And me and mine are doing just fine without you or your help. (by structuring my taxes to receive no return I still get my way and contribute zero to it) I BUILT THIS WITHOUT YOU OR YOUR BS ATTEMPT AT A SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST/MARXIST GOVERNMENT. Now that the adults are back in charge we can get back to being Americans and less about being black, white, gay, christian, muslim or any of a number of other divisive categories you morons were trying to force us to adhere to a liberal agenda."

I have noticed that GOPers are terrible writers and admonished Vincent with the advice, "Have you thought about using grammar check or is education another socialist value abandoned by the bible thumpers." "ps there is no god. no allah, no Yahweh, no Jesus. No fat white god in a muumuu. There is only us and we have to get along, so chill your jets and get ready for the Patriots to win the Super Bowl. This one is for Giselle."

"ps all beer in GA sucks, but I love pecan pie with a little broke head 'shine."

And that was the end for fat old Vincent Edmonds. I hope he is in good health.

Here's to the 20th Maine.

The TV Tower at Karl Marx Platz in East Berlin.

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