Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Bowl Snatch

I love the unpredictabilty of chaos

No one could have predicted on Kearse catching that deflected ball on his back.

On the ensuing play Lynch was tackled and I'm screaming for Belichick to call a time-out, because I know that the 'Hawks will scoree. Nothing comes from Belichik. He's acting like a deer caught in the headlights and Carroll's says to himself, "Now I have the old bastard. He'll call a time-out and give me three shots at the end zone."

Except the seconds slip off the clock.

Long seconds.

No time-out.

Carroll looks at Belichek.

"What's that bastard up to?"

Now's there's only time for three plays for Seattle and one of them has to be a pass.

The 'Hawks have a play.

A slant pick in the center.

Carroll makes the call.

Everyone in the world is expecting Lynch to run.

Everyone, but Belichek.

The Wizard of Foxboro knows the future, because he's seen the videos on the upcoming play dozens of times. The defense knows this set-up. They've played it in practice. There is only one place the ball is going to go.

To the cutting receiver.


The ball is snapped with 26 seconds lft. Lockette runs his pattern. He's in the clear.

Destiny has written Seattle as the winner.

None of the Seahawks see # 21, the walk-on rookie from Western Alabama.

At some casinos they call the game of Blackjack 21.

Ten and an Ace are a winning hand.

Positioned in the end zone Butler sees everything. Wilson. Lockette. The pass. The ball. He steps in front of Lockette, knocking the taller end to the ground, as he miraculously intercepts the game-winner.

Tom Brady raises his hands to heaven.

I jump out of my seat.

The game is over.

The Patriots win 28-24 and Belichek looks across the field at Pete Carroll, who thought this was a done deal.

Belichek doesn't smile. He doesn't say a word. He walks down the sideline, knowing one thing.

It ain't over until it's over.

Chris Chase of USA Today shares my opinion.

By the way I can watch this following highlight forever.

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