Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Great Canadian Wall

The GOP candidates have focused their presidential ire on illegal immigration. Donald Trump has leap-frogged the pack by assailing Mexicans seeking a better life in El Norte as rapists, murderers, and drug dealers. Wisconsin governor Scott Taylor had the backing of the infamous Koch Brothers, but has lost ground in the early polls out of Iowa to Trump and this week Walker announced on TV that building a 5000 mile continuous wall between the USA and Canada from Maine to Washington State and also along the Alaska frontier intended to stop 10,000 violators crossing from Canada to the USA each year, although last year US Emmigration agents arrested less than 1000 Canadians.

The cost of a top-of-the-line fence would be about $18 billion US.

The cheaper version prices out at $1.5 million per mile or $$75 million, but almost anyone could get over that fence.

No one else is talking about the Canadian Wall, except for Scott Walker and the news media, because the best guard on the border and Old Man Winter, which I know as a native of Maine.

Here's the river crossing at Fort Kent, Maine.

Looks like ISIS could drive across the St. John's River in the blink of an eye.

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