Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Anti-Mullah Fun

Ever since Ayatollah Kohmeni returned from exile to oust the Shah, the Mullahs in Iran have proscribed fun from the lives of the common folk.

No music, no dancing, no drinking, no nothing have transformed the Shah's secular state into a Land of No stricter than the New Jersey Shore or Tulsa, Oklahoma, however Iranians often leave the Islamic Republic to escape the enforced morality of the Police Guidance Patrols.

Several years ago their love of personal freedom was redlighted in Jomtien, when Thai police arrested an Iranian couple for having sex on the beach. The man professed his ignorance that sex in a public place was illegal in Thailand. They were fined 500 baht each.

Worse their names were published online and the couple sought political asylum overseas, because the punishment for their sin in Iran is public stoning in a stadium of the Police Guidance Patrols' choosing.

I think they ended up in Denmark, whose Viking traditions has always railed against the fundamentalism of any religion, but the Iranians still have a good time, because that is in their blood as it is in us all.

ps Sometimes you have to rethink who you are told are your enemies.

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