Friday, November 20, 2015

Le Ville Des Lumiere

Last week Paris was systemically attacked by a gang of Islamic militants from the French and Belgium ghettos. Three teams armed with AK-47s and explosive suicide belts struck the Stade de Paris, the Bataclan nightclub, and several cafes in the 11th arrondisement. Paris was a battle zone for several hours until the police had killed the final gunmen. The city was horrified by the toll of dead (130) and wounded (368 ). Presidente Hollande declared war on ISIS and ordered nearly a 100 jets to strike targets in Syria and Iraq. A day of vengeance and 11.14.15 will exist in the world's mind like 9/11/01.

During the 1980s I lived in Paris. I even worked at the Bataclan. I loved the vie Parisienne, but in 1985 Palestinians bombed the city to free a comrade.

The prisoner was released after four bombs shocked the government to go back on its vow to not deal with 'terrorists'.

If only things were so easy with ISIS.

They will fight to the last man and woman.


And in death rebirth.

And why?

Because they know there is no talking with the West.

At least not now, but one day someone will have the courage to say peace instead of war.

At least that is my hope.

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