Thursday, December 17, 2015

Asshole Carter - US Secretary of War

Ted Nugent is an asshole coverboy of the right, but assholes aren't restricted to the GOP or Tea Party. The Democrats aren't much better and according to The Guardian Ash Carter, Secretary of War in Obama's cabinet, said on Thursday his occasional use of a personal email account for work-related matters was “a mistake” that he stopped a few months ago when it became clear to him it was against policy. The War Minister was speaking from an American base in Irbil in northern Iraq and told CBS News that he never sent anything classified from his personal account but did occasionally send “administrative” emails to his “immediate staff” from his iPhone.

Stupid, yes, but Carter is an asshole for at least ten reasons.

1.) a member of the military-industrial procurement establishment from an Ivy League School 2.) had the nickname 'Stoobie' as a kid. 'Stoobie' as a kid and a stoobie is a joint to be passed around. He's probably anti-pot too. 3.) Not in favor of releasing Gitmo Bay prisoners who were never tried and never will be 4.) Backed the Saudi attacks on Yemen, condoning countless civilian deaths 5.) Was confirmed by a bitterly divided Senate 93–5 signaling he was willing to work with anyone with an outstretched hand. 6.) was a member of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's International Security Advisory Board 7.) Hawkish on Iran read on the pay of the Saudis 8.) Supporter the invasion of Iraq and still views it as a shining moment in american history. 9.) He has said the US must militarily ensure a “lasting defeat” of Islamic State forces in Iraq and Syria. As I said he is a Hawk. 10.) comes from Philadelphia as we all know that the epithet of WC Fields' gravestone says. 'It's better than being in Philadelphia.'

The only good thing is has going for him is a resemblance to Buddy Hackett.

Ya think?

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