Saturday, December 26, 2015

Texas Blizzard

Two days ago I was stunned to see trees budding in Boston Commons, although understandable since this December has been strangely warm. Temperatures have risen into the 60s and are expected to remain in the 50s.

Flowers are budding throughout the North East, but the National Weather Service has forecasted an extraordinarily fierce snowstorm to hit Texas far to the south.

The National Weather Service says a "historic blizzard" could hit Amarillo, Lubbock and other parts of the Texas Panhandle this weekend.Forecasters say the Panhandle could get 6 to 15 inches of snow, with higher amounts possible in pockets of the region. High winds could drive wind chill factor as low as 10 below zero and cause snow drifts several feet high.

And New York nothing.

Just more flower.

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