Friday, December 18, 2015

No Santa

America has been on a streak of bad luck ever since GW Bush was elected president in 2000.

The economy has boomed for the rich at the expense of the working classes.

No one buys jewelry.

No one buys perfume.

No one wants to be a Cheap Charlie, but this year has not been a good one no matter what the media pundits say, because they don't have to tell their children, "Sorry, Virginia, there is no more Santa Claus."

The media is needed for the masses to believe all is well and everyone wants to trust them this time of year, but our wallets and bank accounts tell the truth and parents will be sorely tested this December.

No money means no Santa Claus and children crying, "Where are the reindeers?"

"They have been laid off due to the dire economic conditions."

"Same as the Detroit autoworkers?"

"Good boy." The parents will be glad that the home schooling is improving their children's intellect since the public schools have been shut due to no funds.

Sounds ominous?

Maybe it is.

But my sons and daughters still want a Christmas.

Who am I to tell them that there is no Santa, when they know Santa is me.

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