Saturday, May 21, 2016

Aye Aye War Ships

In my youth my father drove our family north from Falmouth Foresides to Bath to witness the launching of various warships into the Kennebuc River. We were always impressed by the massive steel hulls sliding down the slipways to the river and the crowd always applauded an addition to the US Naval Fleet.

America was great in the 1950s.

Always right and never wrong.

In April the USS ZUMWALT was launched from Bath Iron Works for sea trials off the coast of Maine and most recently the Navy turned over command of the 8$ billion sleath missile destroyer to Capt. James Kirk. USN and is planning on two other Zumwalt-class destroyers to join the fleet.

At $8 Billion each.

Or 200,000 Dodge Hemi Chargers for 200,000 lucky Americans.

8 billion beers

Or day cay for millions of mothers.

I know who wins and it won't be beer drinkers, a motorheads or needy mothers.

War always comes first in the USA.


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