Friday, May 27, 2016

Passe Democracy

Right before I woke this morning, I had a dram about trashing a billionaire's mansion by driving a small tractor through the rooms.

Not looting.

Just good old vandalism.

People around the world are angry with the status quo and commented on report by Alex Gorlach's opinion piece 'Austria Is Just the Beginning of a More Polarized World.'

Mainstream media has no contact with the real world and responded to my saying that democracy was passe by writing, "The problem with that is: A little less than half the developed world's population is not interested in helping others unless it personally enriches them. That's the root cause of the divide."

I called out this bullshit by countering, "I've lived many places. everyone in the world is the same. they wake in the morning and hope for a better day. the problem are the elites. once during a uprising in SE Asia the people burned, but did not loot a luxury mall and a taxi driver said to me, "I can live with them having stolen my life, but i hate them for wanting to steal my children's lives."

I've heard the same thing in other countries. the struggle is not for the right to vote, but the desire to be human. that less than half number is .0000001 %. the banks, the government, the army, the police et al suppressing life itself. here in the USA as well.


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