Thursday, May 19, 2016

Warmuth's Boston

During the early 60s my mother would drive her six children into Boston to pick up my father at 51 Milk Street, where he worked for New England Telephone. She liked eating out, since it meant not having to cook for her ravenous horde. Our favorite restaurant was Warmuth's. The restaurant specialized in steaks, lobbster, and seafood. They offered a children's special menu, which doubled as a pirate mask. My older brother and I ordered a hamburger steak with mashed potatoes and peas. We had fun trying to eat the peas with our knives.

"Stop playing with your food."

My father expected good table manners from his children.

My mother too.

Warmuth's had a nautical theme with a large lobster pound at the entrance.

A wooden mask was centered in the main dining room.

They served sugared prune rolls with the breads.

I loved them.

After the owner passed away, his son ran Warmuth's into the ground.

Little of it exists on the internet.

These photos and a pack of matches for $5.

Maybe one day.

Warmuth's will rise again.

It was light year's better than Red Lobster.

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