Thursday, August 11, 2016

Presidential Gurning Contest

Gurning originated as a rural English tradition dating back to the 1200s and even beyond recorded history. The object of gurning has been to distort your face in the most horrific or comedic manner possible and upon seeing the many expressions of the two leading candiates for the 2016 Presidential Election it became clear that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump should participate in a gurning contest instead of a debate.

The presumptive GOP candidate specializes in dismissive smirks, indicating while people have said that he was stupid, his success in life has proven them wrong.

Hillary Clinton has no control over her face.

She would win the contest hands down.

Donald Trump can try.

Try is the first syllable in 'triumph'.

However the Former First Lady is a champion gurner.

So I guess it will just be debates.

How boring.

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