Thursday, August 4, 2016

Yesterday Gone Tomorrow

Back in 2010 my friends left Raspberry Island off Acadia in Maine en route to Millbrook, New York. They experienced a long delay at the Maine Turnpike's Kittery toll booth.

"That's to be expected there and then." It was the weekend and everyone was heading north or south.

"I was still hell," said my friend.

"More purgatory than hell."

I didn't tell him about the back road to avoid the turnpike the chokepoint, but when I later mentioned this travel tidbit to my Uncle Russ said, "You know they're planning on tearing down Memorial Bridge."

"What for?" The through-truss lift bridge has been spanning the Piscataqua River for almost 100 years old.

"Cost about as much for a new bridge as repair that one."

"You know that is hooey." I had heard the same crap about the Big Dig in Boston. $17 billion to get 20,000 commuters to their jobs 5 minutes faster. Paying them a million dollars each would have been cheaper.

"New Hampshire seems willing to foot the whole bill. No federal funding either, since the Memorial Bridge is almost listed on the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

"Probably put up a bridge without any style."

"That's what it looks like."

"Who's surprised?"

I hung up the phone and opened a can of beer.

Another sad day for the past, but then there are too many of them to mention.

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