Friday, October 7, 2016

Mad Matthew

Last week the weather was cool in New York and I thankfully thought, "Another year without a hurricane hitting the East Coast."

I had said the same thing before Tropical Depression Sandy had its way with New York and now Hurricane Matthew hovers off the coast of Floria, threatening destruction should the storm makes landfall as it had in Haiti.

Over 800 dead and whole cities leveled by the Category 4 hurricane.

The governors of the lower Atlantic states declared an emergency and the citizens of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina evacuated the low-lying lands in fear of a 9-foot surge off the ocean.

Luckily Matthew stayed at sea and Floridians are returning home after the scare, however government officials are cautioning residents against settling cack to normal, since a high pressure system will block Matthew's northern progress and the hurricane may boomerang back to the Sunshine State.

Shepherd Smit of Fox News announced dramatically, "“If this moves 20 miles to the west, and you and everyone you know are dead — all of you — because you can’t survive it. It’s not possible unless you’re very, very lucky. And your kids die, too.”

Smith lived through Katrina in New Orleans.

He has seen the worst.

And Matthew should hit Northern Florida tomorrow.

It is no joke.

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