Friday, January 13, 2017


The 2003 movie THE COOLER tells the story of an indebted Las vegas dealer whose only skill was the ability to cool a gambler's winning streak. Anytime I've been lucky at the tables, the house has pulled the losing dealer for a replacement dealer. The house always wins, but gamblers are a suspicious lot and here are some well-known superstitions.

Never sit at seat #10 at a poker table.

Always wear red underwear when gambling.

Singing can be either good luck or bad luck while you gamble.

Don’t count your money during a poker session.

Stay away from sex the night before you play. (Not the most popular superstition).

Never let dogs near a gambling table. (Apparently they’re bad luck and no good at poker).

Never accept being paid with a $50 bill. They’re called “Frogs” and are said to be unlucky.

Never touch someone’s shoulder while he is gambling.

Don’t enter a casino through its main entrance; it’s cursed by bad luck.

Switch on all the lights at home before leaving to gamble.

And never drink.

That's a fact not a superstition and I learned it the hard way in Reno May 1974.

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