Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Lisa Rowan In The Stars

Last month in Palm Beach my good friend Lisa Rowan passed from this world into the stars. We first met in Paris back in the 80s and remained close for the next thirty years. Our favorite story was about my taking care of a cat on Rue du Dragon and when the owner returned from a modeling trip Christine shouted up to the top floor, "How's my cat?"

Lisa yelled back, "Fine."

And I showed a stuffed animal cat, which I dropped and Lisa screamed, as did Christine, until the stuffed animal harmlessly thumped on the ground.

"You bastards," screamed our friend, but her cat was all right and we had a good laugh at Christine's expense.

Lisa and I told that story hundreds of times along with many others.

A great athletic. She whopped me in tennis like I was a rented mule, but then the Philadelphia native had been selected to play on the 1980 Women's team to Moscow Olympics. And more importantly Lisa was a great mother to her son Krystopher and loving daughter to Renna Kimmel. She will always be our MY GIRL.

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