Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Thai Etiquette (Speaking on the cellphone)

Twenty years ago the cell phone weighed over a kilo and looked like it could survive a nuclear bomb.

Over time its ancestors have shrunk to pocket size and people converse anywhere at anytime with anyone. The only time a Thai won't answer a call in a movie theater is during the national anthem.

But there are three other times you shouldn't pick up the phone.

On the toilet.

No one wants to hear a fart by fart account of your bowel movement.

During sex.

>Unless it's to tell the woman's husband how good it is. A study has concluded that speaking on the phone while driving is more dangerous than driving drunk and over 75% of motorcycle accidents in Thailand are caused by speaking on the phone.

Several years ago I saw a motorcyclist laughing on the phone and he drove into a ditch. 555.

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