Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Melania Trump So Pretty

These days Donald Trump looks like a happy man. His election victory was a triumph of the Electoral College over the popular vote. His 45.9% total versus Hillary's 48.0% of 57% percent of the possible voting public. Over 24% of the 43% of the unvoting public are excluded from the ballot polls by suppressive measures designed to guarantee the GOP victory in many frontline states.

Not saying that Trump or the GOP cheated in 2016, but he'll never be my president, however recent rumors have arisen accusing his wife of being a transexual.

Her hands are bigger than those of the First Executive.

And what about that Adam's Apple?

Then again I don't have any problems with trans-gender people and seemingly neither does the 45th President of the USA.

That is if she was a ladyboy and that is only conjecture on the part of the lunatic fringe.

I think she is all woman and at least twice the man Small Hands will ever be.

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I wish the First Lady lots of luck.


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