Friday, December 7, 2012

MY WAY my way

I love Frank Sinatra's MY WAY, which was reprised from the French song "Comme d'habitude" composed by Claude François and Jacques Revaux. The American words were written by Paul Anka and blisslessly adapted by Sid Vicious.

At 61 I'm ready to do my version.


And now I’m no longer young
I can admit to what I’ve done.
Of my past I’ve made a mess.
And I'm to blame more or less.

My teacher failed me in religion
He said I was going to hell.
And I laughed knowing he was lying
Because I fucked up my way.

Mistakes I’ve made a lot
And way too many to remember,
Some stand out of the crowd
Like the time I burned down the woods
Cooking marshmallows with a lighter.

No one got killed or even burned
And I tried to be good.
But I failed and more than once
Because I fucked up my way.

I trashed an abandoned missile base And the police chased me for miles.
I avoided arrest, because I ran fast
And fat cops are much slower.
I’m not proud, but I’m not ashamed I did some things I won't mention I'm cool with all of them
Because I fucked it up my way.

I’ve seen the world
I’ve been in love In many towns and many places. I've broken hearts, had some myself
And I won’t ask anyone for forgiveness.
Because I fucked up, yes, I did, And I will in the future. Oh yeah, I know the truth, I fucked up my way.

I’m not a saint but I’ve not Satan.
I’ve lived my life to the fullest
And I sleep without bad dreams And wake up with a clean conscience I wish I could do it all Over again the same as before Because when you fuck up, it's a good thing
When you fuck up your way.


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