Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Richard's Ark

Noah was warning by God that all life on Earth was threatened by a Great Flood. Few people believed him, but according to the Bible Noah built a great ark to hold the faithful and two of each kind of animal. The rain of forty days and forty nights cleanse the world of sin and now Fundamentalists claim that the rising ocean will not wipe out mankind, since their Lord had vowed never to use water again to right the wrongs of Man. Only one man is building an ark, however Reverend Richard Greene's forty year quest to construct the ark will offer to shelter to his flock. His folly is bare steel girders set near an interstate in the hills of Maryland. "I am just like Noah. They're laughing and mocking just like they did Noah. But the flood still came, and Jesus is still coming." 12-21-12 is less than 10 days away. And no one is gathering the animals two by two. We are doomed.

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