Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chestnut Mare You GOP Fuckheads

For the past months the media with the help of the GOP fuckheads have been fear-mongering about the US government falling over a fiscal cliff on January 1. 2013. On that date the Bush tax cuts will die and unemployment benefits will cease. President Obama has offered compromise after compromise to the Republican Congressional Representatives without their leaders responding with a counter-offer. Doom is upon us according to CNN, ABC, CBS, and Fox News. Except the vast majority of the American public were thrown over a cliff years ago by the GOP, so I say to both sides of the floor in Congress, "C'mon down. The water is fine." And ten we can sing the Byrds' CHESTNUT MARE together. And we were falling down this crevice, about a mile down I'd say! I look down and I see this red thing below us Comin' up real fast and it's our reflection in a little pool of water About six feet wide, and one foot deep Crawling down right through it We hit and we splashed it dry That's when I lost my hold and she got away But I'm gonna' try to get her again some day. Yeah, ride 'em, cowboy or cowgirl.

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