Friday, January 18, 2013

$500 Million Painting

An art dealer friend of mine received an email from a 20-year-old Singapore artist asking $500 million US for his painting THE BRAIN. Here is the email: Half a Billion Dollars for a Painting is a World-Record* “If any artist has had any precedence in history, his art would no longer be unique and thus, he should not command a high price. I am new, and launching my first piece that is refreshing, unique and outof this world, therefore my art should command the highest price possible compared to anyone else who has had a precedence in the industry. Making history is more potent than precedence in history.” It is the most powerful painting in the world. The work is extremely thought provoking with a depiction of the human brain in an abstract form, against a surreal background. The Brain, an acrylic on canvas that measures 1.5 meters by 1.2 meters, will be up on the market for GBP 333,000,000 (over 500 Million Dollars) from the 12th of December this year. Kean Hughes, a fine arts dealer from London, concurred; “The Brain is simply beautiful.” AMAZING BUT TRUE My friend asked if it was a joke. Singaporeans are notorious for their lack of humor and as a diamantaire from 47th Street I have to ask, "Is that the best prie?"

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