Monday, April 17, 2017

Scandal Delon a l'Elysees

In reality most movie stars are pale shadows of their on-screen characters. The portraitures of murderers, criminals, and assassins are formulated by acting skills instead of life experiences, however Alain Delon was not one of those film poseurs.

The French leading man spent 11 months in military prison for discipline problems. His connections to the Corsican gangs in Marseilles were well-known and Delon never walked away from these friendships.

In May 1968 Paris was in turmoil.

The leftist students had ousted Charles De Gaulle and his fellow Gaullist George Pompidou announced his candidacy for president. His attempt to rule France failed after the Gaullist spread rumors about Mitterand’s wife having cuckolded him with Nathalie Delon, Alain Delon’s wife.

Claude had to be the ugliest woman in France.

"Mostly because she was a man.

Rumors of photos of a partuese between Claude and Nathalie Delon were silenced by the murder of Delon’s bodyguard.

Supposedly Stevan Markovic was blackmailing Pompidou and the president of France complained to Alain Delon, who was filming in St. Tropez. The actor drove to Paris, met with Markovic, and shot him dead.

Legend has it that the murder was committed in the Elysees in front of Pompidou. No one knows for sure, except the main figures in the story and none of them are saying.

Paris police questioned Delon.

Les Flics in the South provided him an alibi.

His friend, Fran├žois Marcantoni, was charged with accessory to murder, since the dead man once said, “If I get killed, it’s 100% fault of Alain Delon and his godfather Francois Marcantoni.”

Neither man served time for the crime.

No one has bought the film rights to this scandal, for a man of his word knows when to keep his mouth shut.

Especially a movie star like Alain Delon.

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