Monday, April 17, 2017

NO LAST NAMES by Joan Ellis

I love the cover of this book.

A room with a view.

42nd Street or the Barbary Coast in San Francisco.

Nothing like the Fortune Club or Lucky's Bar exist anymore.

The author of these books was Julie Ellis. She churned out hundreds of pulp sleaze, supposedly one a week.

Acording to a website dedicated to soft-core porno Ms. Ellis started writing sleaze for Midwood Towers in the early 1960's. Though not lesbian herself, she was committed to social justice causes and as an actress playwright in the late 1950's, wrote and produced a lesbian sympathetic play performed in Greenwich Village (and to her surprise had trouble finding any actresses willing to act in the play).

While at Midwood Tower, she bucked her bosses and insisted her stories end with positive happy endings for lesbian lovers, for which she received many fan letters from lesbian readers.

I love these books.

I probably read NO LAST NAMES a hundred times more than THE WELL OF LONELINESS, a critically acclaimed lesbian novel from 1928 extolling the other side of paris in the Twenties.

The view from the hotels in Pigalle used to be wicked.

Les putes, les travelos, et les mauvais mecs.

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