Friday, July 26, 2013

Jaws Ha-Ha

Aawut and friends were fishing in the middle of deep sea.

After a long day of fishing, Aawut felt like going to swim, so he took off his clothes and get himself ready to dive in the sea. But as he jumped off the boat, he noticed a large shark swimming nearby. With hesitation, Aawut asked the shark, " you shark eat people?"

"," the shark replied, "I'm a strict vegeterian."

Hearing what the shark said, Aawut felt relieved, so he jumped into the sea.

" can you shark talk in human tongue?," Aawut suddenly asked the shark as he wondered about the fact in his mind.

"Yeah," the shark replied "I am just wondering about the same thing, what kind of tofu talks?"

ps aerial photo of palm beach 2009

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