Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lucky Me

New Years Eve 1986. I was riding my Yamaha 650 through a snowstorm. Approaching Houston and 2nd Avenue the light changed to red. I skidded through the intersection excepting the worse. Cars crisscrossed my path. I stopped against the curb. A 9th Precinct cop said, "Damn you were lucky." "That I was." "Where you Headed?" "Home to 10th Street." "That's not a bad idea." He was right. I was lucky. But if anyone was luckier, it was Indian Larry. I bet he's having a Mr. Softee somewhere wherever and maybe with the jingle in his ears. The jingle came from a famous tune from 1915 A WHISTLER AND HIS DOG. WHERE'S MY MR. SOFTEE TRUCK.

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