Thursday, August 8, 2013

Vanishing New York

"What did you miss about New York?" My friends ask me and looking around the city I have to admit that during my 6 year absence I missed nothing of the now, but everything of the then. Gone are CBGBs, the St. Mark's Theater, The Orchida, Times Square, the Babydoll Lounge, Max's, Dave's Luncheonette ad infinitum for as you get old you forget, but as you get older you are forgotten.

When I was living in Boston as a child, my father took his family to Warmuth's once a week. The restaurant had children's menu which could be worn as a pirate mask., a hamburger platter with thick gravy, and a mast from a schooner in the entrance. I loved that restaurant and so did many Bostonians, but it has vanished from the universe and now the only reminder on the internet of Warmuth's is a matchbook for sale on Ebay.

So many places, people, and things leaving our collective memories to be replaced by useless information such as who's on DANCING WITH THE STARS, however one online site is dedicated to vanishing New York and it's worth a visit to remember what we were when those places still were in existence.

Ain't many of 'em left.

So enjoy them while you can.

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