Sunday, August 11, 2013

Run Don't Walk

My position on drug legalization has been well-stated over the years, however I am not naive enough to ignore the problems besetting those using drugs in extreme or the people surrounding them, mostly innocent family members or neighbors.

Pot is no longer pot. It's turbo-powered skunk.

I don't smoke that mutant shit.

Blow is a concoction of cocaine, heroin, and Viagra.

The Mexican cartels exercise no quality control at all and it's driving addicts crazy along with their insensate dealers and a female friend was totally stressed by the dealers across from her house In Bushwick.

"I'm looking to move because of the ignorant drug dealers and surrounding neighbors who are users and the gossipers and the fact that I need to get out before it gets out of hand as I am apparently the only one with a small child who has a living reason to care."

"The war on drugs has failed you." I was surprised to hear that cocaine was making a comeback.

"Because the government didn't go for the Chairman Mao option." Cheryl hated having to deal with cokeheads 24/7

Chairman Mao had killed most of opium dealers and those addicts who the Communist Party could not rehabilitate. That tactic was not an option in the USA, although PM Thaksin of Thailand had death squads murder most than 3000 suspected druggie in his War on Drugs.


No change, so I suggested that my friend move ASAP.

Sometimes Tai-Flee is the best course of action.

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