Wednesday, June 17, 2015


In the 2009 World Series Alex Rodriguez threw off the mantle of post-season goat and MVPed his way through the Phillie pitchers. Glory doesn't last long in the modern age. MLB suspended the all-star Yankee infielder some of 2013 and most of 2014 for self-medicating his aging body. Fans spoke about A-Rod, as if he had gone to the Red Sox for less money, however doping means nothing to a doper and I look at the number.

666 home runs.

2001 RBIs

Almost 3000 hits and 322 stolen bases.

don't mistake my saying good for A-Rod. He's a Yankee and as a member of the Red Sox Nation we are not prone to say good for the Bronx Terrorists, but the Yanks are in the pennant race. Every at-bat is a milestone for A-Rod and I'm saying, "A-Rod AROD.", because Sports Illustrated is a shit magazine.

ps the top foto is of Rick Rodriguez who owns the AROD Deli on Mrytle Avenue in Brooklyn.

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