Monday, June 1, 2015

Not So Great Scott

Scott Walker had surprised the Democrats by maintaining his control of Wisconsin. His right-wing policies have won favor with the white voters in the Cheese State. Unions have been weakened and taxes on the rich have been cut to insure lottery winners that they too will benefit from the GOP's trickle down economics.

While Scott hasn't announced his candidacy for president (he's busy cutting the state budget ), he does lead the GOP back by a solid 7% over his nearest rivals; Kentucky's Rand Paul and Doctor Ben Carson, who each have garnered 10% of the vote.

Republicans are praying for a solid candidate to oust the Democrats from the White House.

It's early yet, but on a dreary June 1st, I can't see any of these clowns winning the election, but then I haven't spent much time in the hinterland, so my finger is on my own pulse and not that of America.

And I can't feel a thing in my veins.

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