Sunday, November 13, 2016

Donald Trump To Declare A Tax Jubilee

Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign rumors of a tax jubilee leaked from Donald J Trump camp and one confidential informer said that the billionaire was planning to extend the tax holiday of the rich to every native born American. This insider had allegedly overheard Trump state to his entourage, "If I don't pay taxes, why should other true Americans."

When Julius Caesar returned from Gaul, the conqueror, paid off everyone's debt, thus freeing the hoi polloi from the rapacious practices of the banks, which is why the Senators assassinated Caesar on the Ides of March.

If Trump pursues this liberation from the burden of supporting a bloated Federal Government, then his followers will be the firs to reap the reward of his unexpected largesse, which will supposedly be paid by seven shelter cities.

New York will continue to pay, but get nothing in return, until the city joins Trump's eviction of illegal migrants.

Americans will also not have to pay for their transport, since these 'criminals' will have to walk back to Mexico, the Middle East, and Asia, providing a boon for shoe repair shops along the way to the border.

Salve Trump.

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