Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Mai Sa Bai for Phuket's Ka-Toeys

For decades the US Navy exercises shore leave rights at several Thai coastal cities, most infamously. Pattaya on the Gulf of Siam and Phuket on the Indian Ocean. Thousands of sailors and marines embark from their warships to enjoy a holiday of booze and broads. All good harmless fun unless the religious right in America receive news that our fighting men and women might be losing their immortal souls to the free-wheeling fun of these two Babylons and nothing threatens eternal bliss in heaven than a night with a ladyboy, the epitome of wickedness.

Several years ago fearing that the swabbies and jarheads can tell or really don't care whether their companions for this shore leave are female or very attractive 'ka-toeys' or she-males, the Pentagon had requested that the governor of Phuket call for a wave of repression against the Asian nation's exotic women of a second kind.

The famed porn star Moo was caught up in this do-good dragnet. The local police shorned the redhead of her long locks. Her soulmate Wawa was luckier and the two have hit Phuket with revenge in their evil minds.

The CIA investigated the pair for links to terrorists, but each agent sent to catch them came back smelling of ladyboy. Even the women.

Moo and Wawa.

WMD extraordinaire.

ps having sex with a ladyboy is like driving a Vespa. It's a lot of fun until one of your friends see you.

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