Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trump's Key Plan To Greatness

This week Trump's transition team have been discussing the major points of his campaign platform. According to an undisclosed source within the president-elect's the presumed Secretary of the Interior Sarah Palin suggested that building a wall along the Mexican border was an easy promise to achieve as long as the funds came from the Mexicans and stated how successful the Israeli Wall had been in keeping out the Arab terrorists from Jerusalem.

The transition team agreed with her and Trump supposedly was very pleased by the prospect of keeping his word, however allegedly Rudy Guiliani, the future AG, raised an issue about the deportation of two million illegals, saying that the cost would be prohibitive and even more difficult would be organizing a large force to implement the forced exile. Purportedly Guiliani said they couldn't expect Americans to accomplish the task, but Trump had a solution.

"We will employ the Mexican gangs to perform this task. They're businessmen. I know how to deal with businessmen."

The discussion lasted only a few minutes according the the undisclosed source.

"Trump closed the subject by stating something like 'let the Mexicans take care of the Mexicans.'

Next on the agenda was health care.

The source was not privy to that discussion.

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