Saturday, July 20, 2013

Flips Flops Out

One of fashion's greatest stylists attacked summer comfort by saying, "Let's face it: FLIP-FLOPS ARE TO SUMMER WHAT UGGS ARE TO THE REST OF THE YEAR!" I agree with SL about Uggs, however hawai chappal, dép tông or dép xỏ ngón in Vietnam, chinelos in Brazil, Jandals in New Zealand, japonki in Poland, sayonares in Greece, Schlapfen in Austria, slippers in Hawai'i, slops in South Africa, thongs in Australia, tsinelas in the Philippines, and vietnamki in Russia and lan-tao are popular worldwide despite fashionistas' contrary opinion and date back to Egypt 4000BC. Current sales figures for flip-flops is estimated at $10 billion per annum. I wear mine year round. Flip-flops are nothing like Uggs. And a friend of SL invited the stylist to come to California, where 'dudes' wear them to work! "Where's California?" SL travels the Milan-Paris-London-New York circuit. Upset by his derision I retorted, "Sorry Sascha, but I hiked through the himalayas in flip-flops from aerosol. better than wearing muddy sox for three weeks. Shoes are outre pendant l'ete. Sandals sont toujours le scandal for comfort always trumps style for those don't have to buy style July 7 at 6:58pm · Like Of course only cowboy boots are for fighting with flip flops. Even barefoot is better.

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