Saturday, July 27, 2013

Get Da Jag

My friend Cynthia from the Bush Tetras was looking for a car in LA. Only losers walk in the City of Angels. A pale-yellow Jaguar E-Class caught her eye and she wondered whether she should purchase it, if only in her mind. "Get da Jag." I green-lighted the buy. Back in the 1960s two teenage motorheads from my hometown tried to re-arrange the direction of their father's Jag ie reverse the front end to the rear end. Their mechanical effort was an absolute failure, but a brilliant failure. The Jag sped down the suburban street out of control. There was no steering. No brakes either. The two innovators ended up in a field. Their father came home from vacation. The Jag never drove right again and he never admonished his son. After all it was just a car.

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