Friday, July 26, 2013

Tora Tora Shark Tora

href=""> Last week a teenager tourist was killed by a shark attack in Brazil. The big fish tore apart her left leg and doctors were not able to save the girl, even after amputating her leg. There have been 21 shark attacks in the region since 1991, although the young woman was the first recorded death by shark on the records. The holiday tragedy was a great loss for her family and friends. Landlubbers mourned the girl's demise. I have been scared of a shark attack ever since watching JAWS. But in reality sharks killed 6 people in 2013, while Man killed 100 million sharks in the same time period. It could have been more, but sharks don't like the way we taste. My closest encounter came in the early 90s. One July 4th Richie Boy and I were surfing in the Hamptons. It was a scorching day and I noticed no one was in the water. Everyone was on the shore looking about a 100 meters to our right. Big bluefish were leaping from the sea and a vicious dorsal fin sliced the surface. Richie Boy and I didn't have to say word. SHARK screamed in our minds and we paddled to the shore, as if our lives depended on it. After reaching the sandy safety we watched the phenomena and agreed to call it a day. That first beer tasted so good, as did the next seven. Certainly better than human flesh, then again sharks don't have taste buds on their tongue. To view shark attack in Brazil, please go to the following URL

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