Thursday, November 6, 2014

Waking From The Dead To The GOP Dawn

In 1990 a 747 landed on Biak. Me and a missionary got off the plane. He caught an island-hopper to a large island across the bay. I crossed the street to hire a room at the Old Dutch Hotel. The teenage bellhop led me to a room facing the sea.

Its color was slate blue.

I tipped the young boy $1.

It was a day's wage.

"Saya nama Ali."

"Cold beer."

Ali understood Indonesian and I rapidly leafed a conversation book.

"Beer dinging."

Ali nodded his head.

Five minutes later he returned with a large Bintang beer. I drank it watching dusk drift from east to west across Cendarwasih Bay. Night swam with the tropics. I fell asleep and woke in the morning grateful to be in a new world.

On Wednesday I rose from bed knowing the GOP had wrangled a majority in the Senate.

My side won small.

Despair was an easy way to spent the day, but marijuana initiatives had passed in several states as well as the rights of gay to get married. The GOP was smart not to fight these battles. Voters stayed at home. There is no ignorance greater than that of those who don't care about anything.

It was dusk and it's always darkest before it gets darker.

There is no new world.

The GOP will try to reverse time.

God and I mean the Jehovah God will rule on every law.

The 10 Commandments shall replace the Constitution.

Slavery will be reintroduced to teach blacks how good they had it under the whip.

All prisons will be renamed Hell and there is no redemption from Hell.

The Bible shall be the only schoolbook regardless of creed, race, or sex.

Women will receive half the pay of men.

They will not be able to go to college.

Drinking shall be banned from coast to coast.

Pot will be napalmed by fire squads.

Homosexuals shall be thrown into a pit packed with dogs on Viagra.

Children will be whipped in public for disobeying their parents.

All wind mills and solar energy panels will be destroyed by their owners or else.

Coal mining and tracking will be expanded to every state of the Union without any restrictions.

Anyone not believing in God will go to prison.

Anyone talking with a lisp will go to prison.

Anyone found not having sex in the missionary position will go to prison.

The President of Israel will rule from the White House.

The 10 Commandments shall be tattooed on the inside of everyone's eyelids, so they see the holy words whenever they shut their eyes. There is no rest for the wicked.

We shall dig a new canal along the Mexican border and fill it with our toxic waste fluids to prevent any underaged teenagers from entering the country.

All books on science shall be burned in the town square.

The rich shall become richer and the poor shall be put into labor camps constructing the toxic waste canal.

Public transportation shall be banned throughout the country.

Trains shall be used strictly for the transport of toxic waste heading to the border canal.

All factories with union employees shall be closed and the workers sent to re-education camps to become wage slaves for the toxic waste canal.

The minimum wage shall be reduced to $1 to reinforce the value of a dollar.

Anyone speaking about Global Warming shall go to GITMO, the new mega-prison for the unconvertible.

Everyone must have a gun and use them daily.

Needless to say going back in time will take a lot of work for the GOP, but they are dedicated to changing the world to back the way it was, so God will hasten the Final Days and everyone who deserves it will get to go to heaven.

I can only hope that the Apocalypse comes soon, because then the right-minded people of America can be vacuumed into eternity by the angels.

And good riddance to every one of the bible-thumpers.

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