Monday, November 10, 2014

MY LIFE by Big Albert Harlow


Sometimes I wonder what happened to my youth As I look in the mirror and see the truth My heart becomes heavy as I see the grey hair Time has marched on and it doesn’t seem fair It seemed like only yesterday I was young and life was free I had no idea what was in store for me I believed I was invincible and nothing could bring me down But somehow my life got turned around I traded my freedom for a cell of concrete and bars I spent too many years without seeing the stars My spirit was crushed and my heart turned to stone I was surrounded by killers and gangsters, yet still I was alone My love for the world slowly turned to hate Patiently I waited for the day they would open the gate That day finally came and I took my turn But not for long, I had so much to learn When they let me out my world had moved on I had nowhere to go, everything was gone The system is designed for people to fall They gave me 200 bucks and no hope at all But I was too young to give up and die Yet I felt I was too old to cry So I picked up a gun and robbed gangsters and thugs I took all their money and then took their drugs I lived my life hard and fast Letting my guard down was a thing of the past I did what I did so I could survive Right or wrong I am still alive I played with fire and many times burned Life’s lessons were hard, but finally learned I left my home and traveled around I stopped in Asia and finally settled down Married to a lovely wife who gave me a beautiful son And when he is older I will tell him about the things I have done So he may know what not to do I will teach him to be smart and always think things through And it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’ve been It’s not the tough guy, but the smart guy who knows how to win.

Albert Harlow 2014

A gentle gunman although not in his day.

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