Thursday, November 6, 2014

No D Obama

The white media in America has suggested that the GOP landslide was a repudiation of the President. ISIS, Ebola, teenage immigrants, gay marriage, and global warming taxed the brains of overworked and underpaid white males who only have time to watch Fox News before they crash into their beds in a Bud Lite beer haze. They were scared.

Something out there wanted to get them.


Not much safer.

Their kids belonged to an alien culture.

They never call home.

Better the NSA listening to them.

White men only understand football.

Barack Obama played basketball.

The key to good hoops is defense.

Never let the offense into the paint.

Obama had no D in this election.

His party stood away from him.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz sucked as DNC chairman.

The Florida Congressman might have earned an extension had the gubernatorial effort provided a new state governor from the Sunshine State.

My good friend, AK, a straight-up socialist, had worked for Crist in his attempt to unseat the incumbent.

60,000 votes.

Democratic voters i.e. blacks and latinos and everyone else stayed home.

In 2008 we felt him.


The same.

This year he was a zombie on defense.

Barry had lived around the world.

He can't be that soft on D, then again Obama has never been the same since aide-de-camp Reggie Camp resigned from the team in 2011.

Surrounded by mega-banking flacks, Ivy League insiders, and Pentagon babykillers Barack Obama must finally realize that Michelle had been right.

Change can only be achieved through change.

A pity.

No D.

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